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Click Here To Buy The Walkera Genius CP At The Best Price

Walkera Genius CP  discussion/review

This was my first order from Helipal, and I was very impressed with their customer service. I highly recommend shopping at Helipal. You can expect fast shipment and prompt replies with e-mails enquiries.

First Impression

My first impression of this helicopter was very positive. It is very small, looks durable and is very light. It is evident that Walkera designed the Genius CP with simplicity and durability in mind.

Technical and Designing Review

The Walkera Genius CP is available in a RTF kit that includes the Devo 6S, 7, 8S, and 10-channel transmitter, or if you already have a Devo transmitter, you only need to buy the BNF (Bind and Fly) version without the transmitter which is the cheapest option. This review will be based on the BNF version, as I already have a Devo 8 transmitter.

The main rotor blades and blade holders are made from durable and flexible plastic. The feathering shaft runs on ball bearings for smooth collective pitch changes. A plastic 120ºswash plate controls cyclic inputs from the elevator, aileron and PIT servo. The main shaft is made from graphite, and won't bend like other metal shafts during a crash. Two main shaft bearings ensure that the main rotor spins effortless.

Walkera designed the plastic main gear with large teeth to prevent the gears from stripping during a crash. A coreless brushed main motor gives the Walkera Genius CP plenty of power to execute 3D maneuvers. The motor is secured inside a heat sink which helps to get rid of excess heat during flight. I'm not sure if the three cyclic servos are analogue or digital servos, but they run very smooth, and centers perfectly. The servos weighs only 2.42g, and has a speed of 0.12sec/60ºarm travel which makes them perfect for 3D flying.

The main frame is made out of durable plastic which incorporates the servo brackets, battery tray and landing skids all in one unit. There is no need to remove the canopy with LiPo battery changes. Simply slide the LiPo into position from the bottom, and you are ready to go. The 6-axis RX2625H Devo receiver is a three in one unit with receiver, speed controllers and gyros build onto one circuit  board, and sits above the battery tray. You can adjust the servo extend, elevator and aileron gyro sensitivity with three separate adjusting pods on the receiver. The receiver enables you to fly the Genius CP with the 6-axis gyro system  activated for super stable flight, or the 3-axis gyro system activated for 3D stunts.

A square graphite tail boom ensures for extra stiffness. The tail motor is a brushed coreless motor that drives the tail rotor directly. A small cap on the end of the tail motor protects the wiring from ware and tare which is a very handy feature. The vertical fin and tail motor bracket is one unit, and can easily be replaced if needed. I love the black and bright orange canopy.  The bright orange canopy is better visible during flight compared to the usual red and black Walkera canopies.

Included with the kit is a LiPo battery wall charger. A solid red light on the charger indicates that the LiPo battery is busy charging, and a solid green light indicates that the charge cycle is complete. The overall design of the Walkera Genius CP is very good. The servo, receiver and LiPo battery layout gives a perfect center of gravity. This is a well balanced, well designed and great looking little helicopter. Well done Walkera...

Included in the Walkera Genius CP BNF Kit

• Pre-assembled Helicopter (RX2631H-D Receiver Ready to bind with All DEVO series Transmitter)
• 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po Battery
• Adjustment Tool
• Instruction Manual (In a CD-ROM)
• Extra 1 Pair Blade
• Extra 1 X Tail Rotor
• Lipo battery charger

 Walkera Genius CP Specification

• Main Rotor Diameter: 240mm
• Tail Rotor Diameter: 45 mm
• Overall Length: 220mm
• Weight: 35g
• Servo: Wk-02-3
• GYRO: 6-axis
• Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po

Walkera Genius CP BNF Kit Setup

There is no setup needed if you buy the RTF Walkera Genius CP with Devo Transmitter. A complete model setup is done for you at the Walkera factory, so all you need to do is fine-tuning the default settings to suite your flying skills. If you buy the BNF Walkera Genius CP, the Devo transmitter's settings are included in the manual for fast and easy setup. Programming the settings onto the Devo 8 transmitter is fast and easy. It is always good practice to give any new RC model a thorough pre-flight inspection before its first flight.

Flying the Walkera Genius CP

After I did my transmitter setup, I was very anxious to get this little helicopter in the air. The ESC is programmed with a slow start to prevent the tail from spinning out during start up, which is very nice. The helicopter settles into a steady hover just above 50% throttle. Although the servo extend pod on the receiver was set at max, I found that the elevator response was a little bit slow. I programmed the elevator travel adjust settings to 134% up and down on my Devo 8 transmitter which gave faster elevator response.

The pirouette speed was also a bit slow for me, so I set the rudder travel adjust to 150% left and right. With this setting, rudder inputs are fast and crisp. The rudder gyro works really well, and the tail holds very well with collective inputs. I kept my elevator and aileron gyro sensitivity pod settings on the receiver at 50%. This allows the helicopter to fly very stable in normal and stunt mode.

Loops, rolls and inverted flight are very easy with the Walkera Genius CP. Simply flip it inverted, and it will hover inverted effortlessly. Although you can perform mild 3D stunts with ease, the Genius needs a bit more power. Luckily, a full brushless conversion kit for the Walkera Genius CP is available that will sort that out. I haven't tried the brushless conversion kit yet, but will write a review on it if I get myself one. The stock coreless main motor takes a bit of strain with large collective inputs. It takes a bit of practice not to pull to much collective during 3D flight, but other than that the Walkera Genius CP is a little sweat heard to fly.

Transition into forward flight is very good. There are no up and down nose pitching tendencies during forward flight. Leveling out of a turn is the same. The flybarless stabilization system works very well. Keep in mind that for 3D flight the flybarless stabilization system needs to be set on 3-axis gyro flight mode, and to the 6-axis gyro flight mode if you are a beginner. The Walkera Genius CP is very stable in the 6-axis flight mode. If trimmed well, the helicopter will hover in mid air without inputs from the transmitter.

I'm so confident in its stability that I will recommend this helicopter to anyone that has previous flying experience on co-axial helicopters. Normally I will recommend a fixed pitch helicopter after one has mastered a co-axial helicopter, but with the Genius CP, you can go strait onto this collective pitch helicopter. Flight times will all depend on the type of flying and LiPo battery size. The stock 3.7V 200mAh Li-Po battery gives about 5 minutes in normal flight, and 6 minutes with 3D flight.

You can also buy the Storm 3.7V 350mAh 20C LiPo Battery Pack which will greatly improve the flight time in normal and stunt mode. I'm very impressed with the overall flying capability of this 100 size helicopter. The Walkera Genius CP is definitely one of my favorite helicopters now, and I'm looking forward exploring its flight envelope further.


Reason to buy the Walkera Genius CP

The Walkera Genius CP is very durable and crash resistant
It is very easy to fly if you have previous helicopter flying experience.
The 6-axis gyro system makes the model extremely stable for beginner
It is cheap to maintain.
The parts are easily obtainable.
The Walkera Genius CP flies very stable in wind.
Flying the Walkera Genius CP is a pleasurable experience.



If you are looking for a very stable 100 size helicopter that is 3D capable, the Walkera Genius CP won't disappoint you. Go to Helipal.com and get yourself one. Happy Flying…

Click Here To Buy The Walkera Genius CP At The Best Price

My Walkera Genius CP Flown In Normal Mode

My Walkera Genius CP Flown In Stunt Mode


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Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Click To Enlarge Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter


Walkera HM Genius CP Helicopter





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