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Click Here To Buy The STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

Click Here To Buy The Storm Drone

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF) discussion/review

First of all I would like to make it clear that the Storm Drone FF is not a Walkera product This quad copter was developed by HELIPAL.COM and they sell it under their own brand which is called Storm. I know this is not a Walkera quad copter, but I'm always open to explore other product brands. This will give me a great comparison platform between Walkera quad copters and other brand with the same specifications.

First Impression

When I opened the box, I was very surprised how well the Storm Drone FF kit was packed to prevent damage during shipment. Extra care was taken to bubble wrap the more sensitive parts like the gyro board and Devo 7 channel receiver and transmitter. I was very excited to start assembling this quad and getting it in the air.

Assembling The storm Drone

The Storm Drone FF is 95% pre-assembled by Helipal's technicians. First of all you have to assemble the four plastic motor arms to the center frame which has the gyro-controller and receiver pre installed at the factory. Helipal made it very easy to assemble the Storm Drone FF by marking all the parts and wire leads with numbers. This will prevent confusion and assure that the Drone flies correctly on its first flight.

Start with the first plastic motor arm marked number 1, and line it up on the center frame position which is also marked number 1. Use the supplied screws and 1.5mm hex wrench to fasten the arm securely to the center frame. Work your way around connecting the rest of the plastic motor arms to the center frame. Make sure that the numbers on the arm and center frame match.

The next step is to connect the wire leads of the speed controllers. Each speed controller has two wire leads. One lead has a red JST connector plug with two wires (red and black), and the other lead a black connector plug with three wires (white, red and black). All four speed controller leads are numbered which makes it easy to connect them correctly.

First connect all the red JST speed controller plugs to the red gyro controller board plugs. Then connect the black speed controller plugs onto the gyro controller board.  Make sure that the lead marked number 1 is connected to position 1 on the gyro board. The red positive and black negative wires should be in line with the + and - sign on the gyro controller board.

All the wire leads between the Devo 7 receiver and gyro board have been connected at the factory for you. So now that all the wire leads has been connected, the top part of the center frame can be secured into position with the supplied screws. Peal the adhesive tape from the receiver and secure the Devo 7 receiver onto the center frame. Have a look at the picture to the right for the receiver position.

The two antennas of the Devo 7 receiver should be 90 positioned to each other for optimal operation and receiver signal range. Use cable ties and tie one antenna to one motor arm and the other antenna to the next motor arm. All that is left to complete the storm Drone assembly is to fit the four yellow sponge balls below each motor. It took me about half an hour to completely assemble my Storm Drone FF.

Technical and Designing Review

The Storm Drone FF utilizes four powerful 1100kv brushless motors with 9 x 4.7 inch propellers for maximum efficiency. Each propeller is balanced and secured to the motors at the factor to ensure a vibration free quad copter during flight. The motor arms are made from light weight durable plastic. For orientation during flight, the two front plastic motor arms are black, while the two rear plastic motor arms are white.

Each motor arm has a LED light strip and 10A ESC (speed controller) pre-fitted at the factory. The two black arms have white LED light strips, and the white arms red LED light strips. The lights are not visible during daytime, but will help with orientation during night flight. Plastic pins for the yellow sponge balls screws into metal brackets below the motor mounts. The balls acts as a landing platform for the Storm Drone FF. This layout increase the landing surface which is better that other quad copters which have landing skids like a helicopter.

The heart of the Storm Drone is the 6-axis FF Gyro board (V1.1 Black Color). The gyro is constantly monitoring all the axis during flight which makes the Storm Drone FF very stable. Eight screws secure the gyro board onto four plastic spacers inside the center frame, and eliminates unwanted vibration for the sensitive gyro. A Velcro battery strap below the center frame is used to fasten the supplied 11.1V 2200 mAh LiPo battery to the Storm Drone. 

A standard 1/4" camera bolt is mounted on top of the center frame. Simply screw the camera onto the Storm Drone FF, and you are ready to go. The GOPRO camera mount (not supplied with the kit) can be mounted directly onto the Drone. Simply remove the 1/4" bolt bracket and use double sided tape to stick the GOPRO camera mount onto the center frame. The camera can be mounted on the bottom of the Drone, but then you have to move battery strap of the LiPo to the top of the center frame.

The supplied transparent canopy is held in position by two plastic pins on the center frame. You can customize the transparent canopy by painting it with your favorite color scheme. The overall design of the Storm Drone FF is very good and user friendly to assemble. A lot of thought went into the Drone design to make it very stable for sport flying and an excellent vibration free platform for aerial filming. Very nice HELIPAL...

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF) Kit Setup

The Devo 7 transmitter has been programmed at the factory with a Storm Drone model memory, so you don't have to program it yourself. I recommend that you do the gyro leveling procedure before your first test flight. The gyro leveling procedure only needs to be done occasionally, and not before each flight. After the gyro leveling procedure, the throttle range needs to be set. This procedure needs to be done before each flight.  Watch the HELIPAL video that will show you step by step how to level the gyro and how to set the throttle range.

The throttle is locked by default, and needs to be unlocked before you can fly the Storm Drone. This is a very nice safety feature to prevent accidental unwanted throttle inputs. Watch the HELIPAL video on how to lock and unlock the throttle on the Devo 7 transmitter. This is the only setup needed for the Storm Drone FF.

Flying the STORM Drone FF

I'm familiar with the Walkera Ladybird and Walkera QR InfraX quad copters that uses different rotor colors for orientation during flight. With the Storm Drone FF, you have to focus on the white and black motor arms for orientation. Once you get use to that, you will enjoy flying this quad. The storm Drone is very stable, and once trimmed, it will hover in one position for a couple of seconds in no wind conditions. 

The Drone will settle into a steady hover just above 50% throttle application. Transitioning into forward flight is very smooth which is essential for aerial filming. Apply full throttle, and the drone will accelerate effortless vertical while keeping its heading. This just show you how well the gyro is working. 

My Storm Drone FF during forward flight and vertical acceleration

Pirouette speed left and right is equally fast. Elevator, aileron and rudder application is very responsive. Duel rates and exponential can be added to make the Storm Drone FF flight more mellow if you are a beginner. The yellow sponge balls can be removed for less drag during if you want the Storm Drone FF to perform better during high speed flight.

STORM Drone FF high speed flight without yellow sponge balls

The Storm Drone FF will fly 7 to 8 minutes before the alarm on the gyro board will go off. I really enjoy flying this quad copter. I will make a video clip with an onboard video camera soon, so come back in a couple of days to check it out. I know that many pilots will fall in love with the Storm Drone. Well done HELIPAL for developing this great product.


Included in the STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF) Kit

• 1 x 95% pre-assembled Drone
• 4 x Sponge balls
• 1 x Screws set (in a bag) - 1 X 1.5mm Hex Wrench
• 1 x Multi-angle camera mount (For best results, skip this and mount camera directly onto the Drone)
• 1 x Transparent Canopy
• 1 x Walkera DEVO 7 2.4GHz LCD Digital Transmitter
• 1 x Storm 11.1V 2200mAh 20C High Capacity Li-Po Battery
• 1 x Battery Strap
• 1 x Li-Po Battery Charger
• 1 x 100V-240V Power Unit
• 1 x Transmitter manual in CD-ROM


 Not Included in the STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF) Kit

• 8 x AA batteries for the Devo 7 Transmitter

 STORM Drone Specification

• Dimension : 490mm x 490mm x 140mm
• Motor to Motor : 450mm
• Rotor Size : 9" X 4.7" (Clockwise and Counter Clockwise)
• Takeoff weight : 850g (Max safety 1350g)
• Motor : 2208 Brushless Motor
• ESC : 10A with BEC
• Battery : 11.1V 2200mah 20C (8-12 minutes flight time)
• Gyro: FF Gyro (FF version is for stability, KK version is crazy fast)

Reason to buy the STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

The Storm Drone FF is a vibration free platform which can be used for FPV or aerial filming
It is very easy to fly if you have previous helicopter flying experience
The 6-axis gyro system makes the model extremely stable for beginner
It is cheap to maintain
The parts are easily obtainable
The Storm Drone FF flies very stable in wind
Flying the Storm Drone FF is a pleasurable experience



If you are looking for a very stable vibration free quad for FPV, aerial filming or just for fun flying, the Storm Drone FF won't disappoint you. I highly recommend this product, and it receives five stars from me. Go to Helipal.com and get yourself one. Happy Flying…


STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)

STORM Drone FF Flying Platform (RTF)
























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